• Comparison of Clinical Evaluation of Anemia by Health Care Worker with Actual Laboratory Hemoglobin Estimation: A Cross Sectional Study
  • By Dr. Praful Bambhroliya, Dr. Dipal K Jethwa, Dr Darshan chauhan, Dr. Shah Vijay- 2021-11-25


    Severe conjunctiva, tongue and nail pallor have high specificity for diagnosis of severe anemia. So if severe anemia is classified at these sites, chances of hemoglobin < 7gm/dl is very likely. More suitable site for evaluation to rule out anemia is palm and conjunctiva. More suitable site for keeping high suspicion of index of severe anemia is also palmar pallor. Clinical evaluation of anemia is useful to peripheral health worker for early detection and treatment of mild to moderate anemia,severe anemia that helps in overall reduction of prevalence of anemia.

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