• Study of discriminant factor M/H ratio in screening for ? thalassemia trait
  • By Ranjana Hawaldar, Sadhna Sodani, Manpreet Kaur Arora- 2021-11-22


    Beta Thalassemia syndrome is a group of hereditary disorders characterized by genetic deficiency in the synthesis of beta globin chains located on chromosome 11. A major diagnostic challenge is to differentiate between mild microcytic hypochromic anaemia due to BTT from other causes such as iron deficiency (IDA), sideroblastic anaemia etc. The microcytic to hypochromic ratio (M/H ratio) is one of the simplest discriminant functions which is based on the fact that in Iron deficiency anaemia the RBCs are more hypochromic as compared to thalassemia trait. The present study was carried out in our diagnostic centre with the aim of evaluating the M/H ratio for screening patients for BTT. M/H ratio provided by Advia 2120 hematology analyzer is as effective as preliminary screening tool for selection of samples for HbA2 estimation. It is a rapid, automated formula provided without any additional cost to the patient.

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