• Evaluation of the analytical performances of a portable, 18-parameter hemometric system using capillary blood samples for blood donor enrolment
  • L. Pierelli,1 F. Zennaro,1 D. Patti,2 M. Miceli, P. Iudicone & E. Mannella 2021-12-10


    The ABX Micros 60 (Micros 60) blood analyzer was employed on capillary blood and compared with venous counts by a reference counter (Coulter AcT 5diff) in a first series of 416 donors and in a second series of 136, after a 3-month period of routine use of this study counter. An average of 50 ll of capillary blood was collected whose 10 ll had been aspirated by Micros 60. High correlations were found between capillary counts using Micros 60 and venous counts using the reference counter. Mean Plt counts differed of 37 x 10 ⁄ l less for capillary approach in the first series of comparisons, but decreased to 10 x 109 ⁄ l less in the second series due to a greater expertise of operators in capillary sampling. All other parameters were accurate and never reached clinical relevance albeit they showed statistically significant differences.

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