• Reticulocyte Enumeration: Past & Present
  • By Roger S. Riley, MD, PhD, Jonathan M. Ben-Ezra, MD, Ann Tidwell, MT (ASCP), SH- 2021-11-22


    The enumeration of peripheral blood reticulocytes is often performed to obtain information about the functional integrity of the bone marrow. Reticulocytosis (an increased number of peripheral blood reticulocytes) occurs in anemic patients with functional bone marrow while anemic patients with dysfunctional bone marrow produce decreased numbers of reticulocytes, and have decreased numbers of peripheral blood reticulocytes (i.e., reticulocytopenia) in the absence of extramedullary hematopiesis and other factors. automated techniques of reticulocyte enumeration are more precise, accurate, objective, and cost-effective, since 30,000 or more cells can be accurately evaluated in a very short period of time. A variety of RNA-specific fluorescent dyes have been utilized for automated reticulocyte enumeration, and some hematology analyzers utilize optical light scatter analysis to perform reticulocyte analysis on specimens stained with new methylene blue or other dyes.

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