• Automated Reticulocyte Count Wins Over Manual Methods
  • By Dr Arvinder Singh, Shubham Rastogi, Dr Dharmendra Garg, Dr Deepa Singh Dr Khurshid Ahmad, Dr Pooja Chhabra- 2021-11-30


    Reticulocytes are precursory to the erythrocyte cells inthe blood. They are anucleated cells, more rounded in shape and 20% greater, in volume, than the erythrocytes.Automated reticulocyte count substantially differ from manual method. Because automated methods are counting higher number of cells with precise measurement through specific staining and flow cytometry so it is way ahead superior than manual methods. Pentra XLR from Horiba Medicals,Japan is found to be reliable, dependable and excellent instrument for estimating Reticulocyte Count by automation than its peer methods. It will help anemic patients in terms of better treatment, follow-up and diagnosis in all the stages and types of anaemia.

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