• webinar 5 - Living With COVID-19 & Its Testing Strategies

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    DR. Arvind Lal 2021-12-14

    COVID-19 continues to create havoc, and new testing strategies are being discussed, Along w... Read More

  • Quality Control in Hematology Application and Utility

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    HORIBA medical 2021-12-09

    We are pleased to invite you to the second session of the series HORIBA Knowled... Read More

  • Third session of the Count Beyond Cells – Monsoon Series on “Monsoon Saga of the Warrior: WBC”

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    Dr. Gautam Gopal Bhagwat 2021-12-09

    Monsoon brings relief from the hot and dry summers but also brings in various monsoon relat... Read More

  • “Utility of Flags in Hematology analyzers – Yumizen H550”.

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    Dr Parag Dharap 2021-12-09

    HORIBA Medical India brings you an exciting knowledge series “HORIBA Know... Read More

  • Count Beyond Cells – Monsoon Series on “Monsoon Mystery - Secret Lives of RBCs”.

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    Dr. C N Srinivas 2021-12-09

    Not only Platelets and WBC but RBCs can be targets of infection directly or indirectly. In ... Read More